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Paint correction, sometimes known, as machine polishing is a systematic application of varying grades of compound and polish to achieve unbelievable results. No two vehicles will have the same sort of paint; every manufacturer, model and even color will be different. So having a good knowledge of paint and products is essential. At ROYAL DETAIL we pride ourselves with extensive knowledge in these very important areas. Machine polishing can remove up to 99% of swirl marks, light scratches, bird stains, watermarks, buffer marks and more to restore your paintwork to a "better than new condition". This process can also restore dull or faded paintwork back to its original state. It is all about surface evaluation, diagnosis is the key; not guesswork. The most important first step in the process of paint surface detailing is diagnosing the paint surface; density of clear coat (hard or soft) or single stage paint, color, surface condition; ascertain the severity of the surface blemishes with an inspection light and the paint thickness available, measuring with a paint thickness gauge will dictate the choice and abrasiveness of polish/compound for correction or renovation level required or indeed possible.

A sound understanding of the proper technique and the correct process will produce excellent results even with a mediocre product. A quality product used without the proper surface preparation or application technique will never obtain a satisfactory result. Using the proper methodology (surface preparation, using a quality product, along with the correct application technique) will ensure an excellent result every time. The products you use constitute a very small factor in the equation. Methodology and technique constitute 95%; the reasoning behind the choice of quality products is to eliminate any limiting factors, thus enabling us to place emphasis on the techniques we use. Our paint correction can take between 10hrs for a minor correction and up to 100 hrs. for a major correction, and this is just the machine polishing. The finish left from our paint correction details often needs to be seen to be believed. We can also give you tips on products and washing methods that will help ensure you can keep your car looking as good as the day it was detailed.

ROYAL DETAIL Prides itself on the level we achieve with our paint correction packages, we are not happy with nothing less than perfection every time... Just take a look at our customer's testimonials.