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Designed as the true “Detailers BigFoot” the LHR15 Mark II polisher balances performance, maneuverability, capability, and the signature ergonomic performance of the RUPES BigFoot family of random orbital polishers. While the orbit of 15mm is smaller than the flagship LHR21 tool by 6mm the LHR15 Mark II compensates with a higher top speed and coupled with the 125mm/5″ backing plate allows the tool to take on more complex or intricate curves and contours found in today’s modern car designs.

Improving upon the first generation LHR15ES, the LHR15 Mark II adds ergonomic rubber grips for improved operator feel, a visual speed chart printed on the body of the tool, a more refined chassis with even better balance, an integrated tool support to keep the polisher upright when on a cart or table. Most notably a redesigned motor that is 30% more efficient than its predecessor while still only consuming a max of 500watts of input means the LHR15 Mark II delivers incredible amounts of torque and power to the surface without additional vibration, tool generated heat, or other side effects that lead to operator fatigue.

If you’re looking for the best all around random orbital polisher for detailing purposes look no further than the LHR15II